Yaniv Persy


Yaniv Persy Debuts during upcoming. NYBW our new line MINI DRESS reception and party dress collection .“Our 2024 bridal collection inspired by the 1920s inspired me from the glamour and iconic “Roaring Twenties” era , known for its extravagant parties, Art Deco architecture, and flapper fashion.

Our bridal collection incorporates elements and textile as well silhouettes like dropped waistlines, beaded embellishments, fringe, feathers hand sawn textures , and sleek silhouettes with embroidered reminiscent inspired by the Jazz Age.

The color palette often includes ivory, silver shades, and metallic tones, reflecting the opulence of the time. Overall, the collection aims to capture the spirit of the 1920s, offering brides a chance to embrace the elegance , fun and exuberance of that iconic decade on their special day.”

You will find beautiful Mini dresses for reception and Party wedding dresses, Iconic fashion forward and classy silhouettes > To View The collection

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